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Create meaningful, shared success with me.

Personal Coaching

I would like to improve myself as a leader. Can you help?

As a leadership coach and consultant, I'm dedicated to igniting your inner drive, unlocking your full potential as a dynamic force for positive change. Lead responsibly, drive impactful transformations within your team and beyond, and shape a better world.

You are the change you've been looking for.

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Greetings! I'm Kajen, a leadership and strategy consultant based in Malaysia. My passion lies in being part of something greater than myself, fostering the growth of change agents empowered to navigate the challenges of our modern world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

With the emergence of complex, interconnected problems in both the business context and the world in general, it's crucial for leaders to be well-equipped to navigate these challenges, to ensures that we don't inadvertently exacerbate existing fractures while attempting to solve them.

My role as a coach and consultant allows me to bring a wealth of insights and stories to the table, garnered from working with diverse groups such as politicians, activists, business leaders, and non-profit organizations. 

I envision being a strategic partner for those who seek to change their self and the environment around them for good and helping on their journey towards responsible and effective leadership.

Jynice Ong
Collaborating with Kajen has been a rewarding journey. His strategic aptitude, unassuming demeanor, and sharp intellect render him an invaluable and delightful partner. I wholeheartedly advocate engaging with him to achieve exceptional outcomes in strategic initiatives.

Jynice Ong, Fishermen Integrated (Melbourne)

My Offerings


Personal Coaching


I specialize in personalized coaching, designed to craft a bespoke path toward your leadership effectiveness. Through confidential 1:1 sessions, I offer a safe space for self-exploration, skill enhancement, and strategic action planning.


Discover more about my approach to personal coaching with my 10-step guide.


Speaking Engagements


Ignite inspiration and provoke thought with captivating keynote presentations and talks on leadership, strategy, and personal development. Delivered by me, these engaging presentations offer insights, anecdotes, and practical tips to inspire and empower audiences. Whether addressing large conferences, corporate events, or industry gatherings, speaking engagements leave a lasting impression and spark meaningful conversations around leadership excellence and organizational success.

Check out my 10-step guide to Speaking Engagements here.


Group Coaching


My group consulting offers a collaborative approach to problem-solving and organizational development, harnessing collective expertise and diverse perspectives of team members to drive innovation and achieve shared goals.

Discover more about my approach to group coaching with my 10-step guide

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Strategy Consulting


Gain strategic clarity and actionable insights to drive organizational growth and navigate complex challenges with confidence. I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help organizations identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and achieve their strategic objectives. From conducting comprehensive assessments and developing robust strategic plans to providing ongoing support and guidance, strategy consulting services empower organizations to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Check out my 10-step approach to Strategy Consulting here.

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Tailored Workshops

Whether you're looking to adapt to change, negotiate better, or promote gender equality in leadership, my tailored workshops provide the insights, motivation, and action plans you need to achieve your goals in the shorter term.

Check out my list of topics for workshops here


Online Courses (Coming Soon)


Stay ahead of the curve with upcoming online courses designed to deliver accessible and impactful leadership development content from anywhere in the world. Led by me, these courses cover a range of topics, from leadership fundamentals and communication skills to change management and organizational resilience. With flexible learning options and engaging multimedia content, online courses provide a convenient and effective way to enhance your leadership capabilities and advance your career. Stay tuned for updates on course offerings and launch dates!

Check out my 10-step approach to Online Courses here.

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Leading Through Uncertainty:
A Roadmap for the 2024 Global Dynamics

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